Two become One

Radio SWB Joins BHBN Radio to Illuminate Sandwell and West Birmingham.

In a momentous union, Radio SWB (former Sandwell Hospital Radio) is set to merge with the award winning BHBN radio, heralding a golden opportunity for residents and patients in Sandwell and West Birmingham hospitals. This exciting collaboration promises to deliver an award-winning radio service that will captivate and uplift the hearts of the community.

Imagine the scene unfolding like a breathtaking sunrise, where BHBN Radio's takeover illuminates Sandwell and West Birmingham with a new wave of energy and positivity. This merger isn't just about change; it's a partnership that promises to inspire, entertain, and connect people of all ages.

From the bustling streets to the hospital corridors, a wave of enthusiasm and anticipation sweeps through the air as the renowned BHBN radio extends its reach to welcome a wider audience.

BHBN Radio broadcasts directly to the bedside media of Solihull, Heartlands, Good Hope, and Sandwell Hospitals through Spark TSL, along with the Royal Orthopaedic. Additionally, it is available to the Queen Elizabeth, Women's, and City Hospitals, accessible online or via the Radio App, which can be downloaded from the App Stores.

Moreover, if you have access to an Alexa device or a phone, simply say "Alexa, play HOSPITAL RADIO within an area," and BHBN Radio will start playing, offering a seamless and convenient way to tune in and enjoy the engaging content. Join us in celebrating this momentous occasion as BHBN Radio shines brightly in Sandwell and West Birmingham, spreading joy and warmth across the airwaves with its expanded coverage and accessibility.

Join us on this thrilling voyage as we embark on a transformative journey of radio excellence, where the power of music, news, and community intertwines to create an uplifting experience. Let us raise a cheer to this joyful union, as Radio SWB merges with BHBN radio to illuminate the lives of residents and patients, transmitting a radiant glow of positivity across the airwaves.

We offer a massive welcome to the Staff and Patients of Sandwell Hospital to the family of BHBN Radio hospitals. 
Thank you to Spark TLS the bedside media provider for making it happen.

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Written by Suzie Box

BHBN Radio broadcasts direct to the bedside media of Solihull, Heartlands, Good Hope & Sandwell Hospitals via Spark TSL. Also the Royal Orthopaedic. Available to the Queen Elizabeth, Womens & City Hospitals, Online or via our Radio App, download from the App Stores.

A Football Fan Compliments BHBN Radio & Birmingham City FC

BHBN Radio, as well as broadcasting Birmingham City FC football commentaries from St Andrews, supplies commentaries for the Sight Impaired fans using closed circuit transmitters and receivers loaned out for each match by the club. It was wonderful to see this post by a fan on X (formerly known as Twitter), complimenting our service and especially Kym Smith for her descriptive commentary.

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Permission given to display post by @Linzie P

Bedside Unit?

If you're currently staying at Birmingham Heartlands, Good Hope or Solihull Hospital as a patient, you might be tuned in right now, enjoying our complimentary broadcast. There are numerous other features available on the Bedside Units. Including television, movies, sports, phone calls and hospital information.

The radio, morning television and outgoing phone calls, are all provided free of charge. Within the Hospital Information section, you'll discover valuable resources such as a patient safety video to ensure your well-being.

Should you require any assistance with your TV Bedside Unit, simply reach out by picking up the phone and pressing 'Customer Care' to connect with our dedicated customer service team. Or you can Google, Hospedia FAQ, to access our resource page.

BHBN Radio's Paul Stanley interviewed during 'Back to the Start' with Greatest Hits Radio presenter Ken Bruce

by Kira Hughes

As the NHS celebrates its 75th birthday, Greatest Hits Radio presenter Ken Bruce went ‘Back to the Start’ for an hour long special looking at the world of hospital radio.

Paul Stanley BHBNradio's Gold Winner of Best Male Presenter at the HBA awards this year was proudly interviewed by Jo Russell on the programme.
Paul has always presented himself perfectly, professional, proud, and incredibly humble with an uplifting tone and a sense of humour. he shares his passion for radio, his team, and his wonderful achievements. Paul followed his interview with a fantastic request and sentiment, "The Bluebells - Young At Heart.

Paul has been wholeheartedly committed to BHBNradio since 2017, and throughout this time, he has done so much for patients, listeners, and his team around him. He is endlessly committed to events, interviews, and on hand to be a happy helper whenever needed. Paul is a lively, lovable, loyal member of BHBNradio.


featured in the BHBN Morning Show, broadcast Monday to Friday at 10am
& on Kids Time With Kira on Sundays at 2pm

The Author - Eugenie Summerfield
The late Eugenie Summerfield began her writing career creating stories for BBC Radio Four’s children’s programmes. These included the national favourites, Listen With Mother, Let’s Join In and Listening Corner.  More than 100 of her stories were broadcasted on these programmes, and it was on Listen With Mother that Wriggly Worm made his first appearance, winning the hearts of listeners, young and old.  Over a number of years,  Eugenie also wrote for Yorkshire TV’s programme My World, as well as a number of children’s books, including Nelson’s Story Chest series – and of course the published collections of the Wonderful Wriggly Worm stories: Wonderful Wriggly Worm and Wonderful Wriggly Worm Rides Again. Eugenie died in February 2016, in Gloucestershire

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